About us

We are a team of committed health care professionals with expertise in clinical medicine, translational research approaches, ethics and digitalization.

Armin Biller


Co-Founder, MD, neuroradiologist and data scientist, researcher at University of Heidelberg, Germany

Nikola Biller-Andorno


Co-Founder, MD, PhD, MBHA, physician and bioethicist, professor at University of Zurich, Switzerland

Giovanni Spitale


MA, philosopher, bioethicist, and data manager, researcher at University of Zurich, Switzerland

Creatively framing challenges.

Recognizing the potential for improvement of healthcare services, we aim to work together with healthcare providers and citizens to optimize processes and develop software solutions to support clinical decision-making and patient choices.

Our vision is to empower patients and boost individualized care by a smart use of digital technology, turning health data into information that generates value for patients.

Our work is characterized by out-of-the box thinking and a careful of evaluation of innovative ideas and products.